Do Awards Really Matter?

Telelink was recently awarded the 2016 Award of Excellence by CAM-X, the industry trade association for call answering services and call centres, at their week-long convention and trade show in Quebec City, Quebec. This is the 13th consecutive year that we have won this award, and while some companies may be content to rest on their laurels – if they are winning awards, they must be doing well, or so the thinking goes – at Telelink, we use every win to motivate ourselves further into providing the best possible service for our customers. Awards are certainly nice to get, though we feel they should serve a purpose beyond recognition or marketing. One of the most important ways awards matter is that they allow companies to benchmark against industry standards. Customers’ expectations are constantly changing, and what may have been award-winning efforts in previous years simply may not hold up to current standards. Winning awards consecutively is a demonstration that a business is keeping pace with new and emerging developments, and that they continue to be on the right track in regards to their industry. Benchmarking in this way also gives a company another viewpoint from which to consider their efforts – if they were nominated but did not win an award, is there a specific reason dividing the nominee from the winner? What improvements can be made so that we can win next year? Companies that truly care about being the best for their customers leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of attaining that goal, making everything just as much about the journey as it is about the destination. Awards matter because they help a company build its unique culture. When we win an award, it is not just the result of the efforts of the executive, or the sales team, or the agents. When we win an award, it is a reason to celebrate for every employee in the company – our culture is one where our employees are responsible for our achievements, so everyone should be involved in celebrating them. Award wins can also serve as an incentive for employees to continue building momentum. In order to succeed, companies need cohesion, so a team that knows that together they can accomplish more together than separately, is already poised for success. At Telelink, we think awards really do matter. Applying for and belonging to awards programs has become part of our culture. It gives us reason to celebrate, or reasons to reflect on how we can improve. They help us understand the current expectations of the industry and customers. We can be proud of where we came from and what we have accomplished, and awards spur us on, to look towards the future, to see the changes and opportunities that are coming, and to inspire us to leave an indelible mark. Telelink has been supplying award-winning call answering solutions for over 50 years, and our customers stay with us for an average length of 9 years, speaking to the excellent quality of our services. If you have a need, we would love to help. Click here to learn more about our answering services.

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