How Making a Difference Really Makes the Difference

As a marketing consultant, I get to peek inside many organizations to see first-hand its inner most workings. During my time at Telelink, it has become abundantly clear to me that this is an organization that truly lives and breathes its core values. Paramount of which is a desire to “make a difference”. One of the many ways this idea is expressed is through the act of giving. As Sydney Ryan, Telelink’s Co-CEO noted “Many of Telelink’s charity initiatives originate from the staff finding out about a great cause and asking if, together, we can help. It has been in Telelink’s blood from its earliest days to help out where it can. It naturally grew to become big part of our corporate culture. It gives me such pride to see the staff not just believe in this but also act upon it.” Charity Champions Two of Telelink’s many charity champions are Stephanie Donovan and Jillian Spurgeon. Both are quick to point out that it is the immediate buy-in from both the management and all the team that make their proposed initiatives successful. Take for instance a recent fire at a 35 unit low income housing complex in St. John’s, NL. Upon hearing the news, the Telelink team sprang into action. Within hours the boardroom was filled with staff donations of clothing, toiletries and toys. “We are not a large multinational so while we may have limited resources, we try to focus on causes where we can make the most immediate and long-lasting impact. Our team’s compassionate nature really helps make a difference in people’s lives.” stated Ryan. Janeway Children’s Hospital For more than 15 years, Telelink has supported the Janeway Children’s Hospital Miracle Network Telethon. The Telelink team has provided thousands of volunteer hours to answer calls to collect pledges. This augments the time and capacities of the other Janeway answering agents so no pledges are missed. These volunteers consist of Telelink employees, their family and friends. Telelink’s contribution to the Janeway doesn’t stop there. “We also raised money for much needed medical equipment such as a critical care crib. We love giving back to the community.” stated Jillian. Adopt a Christmas Family Each year the Telelink team adopts Christmas families and provides everything an underprivileged family needs to enjoy Christmas. This begins with volunteering time to take calls to register families. “It’s all hands on deck to help make this happen.” stated Stephanie. Telelink’s Co-CEO’s and other senior managers will often strap on a headset and help with taking calls much to the joy of Telelink’s agents. “This gives us additional appreciation of the hard work that our agents perform every day while helping such a worthwhile cause.” said Ryan. “It is an honour to have the opportunity to give back.” added Cindy Roma, Telelink’s Co-CEO. Fort McMurray Fire Another example of an event that brought about an instant response was the Fort McMurray fire. Staff activities such as 50/50 draws, food and candy drives quickly raised funds to help those hardest hit by the fire. “Raising money for a cause we all believed in reinforces the sense of community amongst the Telelink team.” stated Ryan. The Takeaway As an outsider looking in, I feel that a company that acts in so many ways (I highlighted just a few in this blog) to help others speak volumes about the exceptional people working there. It demonstrates a depth of character, incredible integrity and a great sense of empathy – qualities that Telelink clients can take great comfort in by knowing they are being cared for by an organization that truly believes in making a difference every day. I thought I would end with three quotes that I feel succinctly speaks to Telelink’s caring spirit that I have observed over the last few months: “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” – Kathy Calvin “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.” – John F. Kennedy

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