19 New Hires at Telelink and What this Means for our Clients

St. John’s, NL (June 26, 2017): To meet growing demand for outsourced customer care agents and phone answering service, Telelink recently hired 19 new customer care employees at its St. John’s office to service its clients throughout North America. Telelink’s recruitment process is designed to attract and assess candidates with exceptional skills and experiences. But it goes well beyond that. “We seek out agents that truly understand and reflect our core values. For example, Care and respect one another is one of our fundamental philosophies. This not only means comradeship between employees to support each other but also speaks to having compassion and understanding for those calling in. Part of the interview process includes asking candidates to write an essay about an example in their life where they clearly demonstrated care and understanding for others. Every client interaction is important so we carefully select agents that embrace and appreciate that responsibility.” says Cindy Roma – Telelink’s Co-CEO. Multi tasking skills are critical for a phone answering service. Among other talents and abilities, agents in our shared pool need the capacity to fluently switch from such tasks as booking doctor appointments to providing tier one technical support for a consumer device to responding to questions about a HVAC company’s products and services. As stated by Cindy, “We understand that we represent our customer’s brand, and we take that very seriously. This is why everything from the subtle tones of the voice to our proficiency to satisfy the customer’s every request is critical. We like to say we are in the business of selling “happy”. That means us supporting and caring for our agents so that they in turn feel good about their job and thereby provide outstanding customer care service to our clients and their callers.” Telelink has very low agent turnover. This is largely due to their appreciation of their employees, and the focus on their corporate culture. This is demonstrated in such ways as the Co-CEOs hosting staff buffet lunches in Telelink’s large community kitchen, giving agents their birthday off with pay and providing turkeys to everyone at Christmas. For agents that were treated only as an employee number in previous jobs, this individual attention and respect is much appreciated and means some agents have been with Telelink for more than 30 years. Low turnover results in great relationships developing between the customer care agents, Telelink’s clients and their customers. This friendly familiarity helps build positive relationships and trust for all involved. “Telelink believes in “making a difference” – we want our agents to feel that this is more than a job – that they understand that they really do make a difference in people’s lives.” noted Cindy. Telelink is committed to continuous learning and ongoing training activities when it comes to a phone answering service. This includes constructive feedback to further enhance the agent’s skills so that they remain at the top of their game. For Telelink’s clients, this means you have skilled and committed agents that truly care about providing exceptional service. “We become your customer service partners and, in many ways, an extension of your business.” stated Cindy. As Sydney Ryan, Co-Ceo says “We feel we have the secret sauce, in the inherent positive nature of Newfoundland people, and the processes we have perfected over the years, to find, hire and retain the best agents in the North America. That’s a significant advantage for our clients”. Future plans include hiring additional personnel as Telelink continuously innovates and expands into new growth areas. To get an inside view of our corporate culture and customer care service offerings, check out these videos:

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